This set of notes is what I personally used to help many students achieve a 40+ in EAL. This includes:

  • Evidence analysis – detailed analysis of key quotes, scenes and film techniques.
  • Authorial intent – these will help you formulate your arguments quickly under exam conditions. They are basically a set of topic sentences sorted by themes to help you tackle any prompt you might come across.
  • Mind maps – to help you understand the themes better!
  • Thematic paragraphs: Once you have completed enough essay prompts, you will find that there are many ideas and arguments that you can easily modify and reuse. These thematic paragraphs will go well with a great number of prompts. Of course, remember to write your own paragraphs but these will give you a good idea of how to do it.
  • Sample Introductions: 5 introductions written by me!
  • Essay prompts: 30+ essay prompts for you to answer!
  • A guide into answering an essay question: This is basically a crash course on how to write an essay. I will explain how you should break down a prompt, formulate your arguments and select supporting evidence.

Sample pages:


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