High achieving students often opt for our tailored feedback packages. This is especially beneficial for those who know the content well and wish to improve the depth and complexity of their essays. Our tutors will provide detailed feedback on your written work, suggestions on alternative ways of phrasing or executing your ideas. An estimated mark will be included using a marking rubric.

Your package can be tailored to your needs and goals, so be sure to contact us and we will personalise the package for you. A typical package for an A+ student would be similar to the following:

  • Each week, the student is to submit 3 essays and our tutor will send out emails reminding the student to finish their weekly targets.
  • The student will submit their essays via our TutorBird platform and our tutor will send the student their feedback via email
  • Feedback includes notes extracted from our teaching materials to provide students with examples of what an A+ response may look like. The student’s essay will also be edited thoroughly (as opposed to generic and vague feedback)
  • Fees: $45 per week for three essays or $15 per essay

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