Lindsey Dang

  • EAL [47]
  • Business Management [43]
  • Further Mathematics [42]

To focus on my EAL students, I will not be providing weekly tutoring for other subjects. However, I do offer crash courses, revision workshops and casual tutoring session for Business Management. Just let me know if you need anything I will be more than happy to help!

Katherine McBrearty

  • English [43]
  • French [45]
  • Philosophy [40]

Katherine is currently a Law/Arts student at Monash University. She primarily tutors EAL and English alongside with me but is happy to offer tutoring for other subjects if needed! Highly recommend Katherine because her warm personality and enthusiasm would make VCE so much easier and less stressful!

Tia Jemma Parmer

  • Biology [48]
  • English [43]
  • Literature [45]

Tia is undertaking her Law/Arts degree at Monash University and graduated high school in Queensland. She has an eye for details and loves learning (so if you have her for English or Literature, she will be more than willing to read your texts). Tia is super nice and friendly and would definitely find ways to help you ace VCE with ease (: