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Semester 1 – 2021: 1/2 – 15/6

Each student during this semester should sign up for two modules – a Text Response module and a Language Analysis module. Each class goes for 1 hour.

12RW2: Rear Window TBDAvailable for RegistrationLindsey
12EXT2: Extinction TBDAvailable for RegistrationKhue
12TGA2: The Golden AgeTBDAvailable for RegistrationGiorgia
12LA1: Language Analysis (Advanced)TBDAvailable for RegistrationLindsey
12LA2: Language Analysis (Intermediate EAL)TBDAvailable for RegistrationKhue
12LA3: Language Analysis (Mixed Levels)TBDAvailable for RegistrationBrian
12WOT3: The Women of TroyTBD1 spot leftLindsey
12WOT4: The Women of TroyTBDAvailable for RegistrationGiorgia
12WWS1: Wordsworth PoemsTBDAvailable for RegistrationAlison
12ND1: Nine DaysTBDAvailable for RegistrationGiorgia
12SEL1: Station ElevenTBDAvailable for RegistrationTia
12ICB1: In Cold BloodTBDAvailable for RegistrationTia

We also teach the following texts: Persepolis, Like a House on Fire, Old/New World Poems, The Lieutenant, In Cold Blood, etc

Semester 2 – 2021: 15/6 – 15/09

Students only need to sign up for one module. Each class goes for 2 hours.

12CRU2: The Crucible &
The Dressmaker
TBDAvailable for RegistrationLindsey/
12MAL3: I am Malala &
TBD Available for RegistrationKhue + Giorgia
12TLM1: The Longest Memory
& 7 Stages of Grieving
TBDAvailable for RegistrationKhue +
12STA1: Stasiland &
Never Let Me Go
TBDAvailable for RegistrationTBD
12QUE1: The Queen
& Ransom
TBDAvailable for RegistrationLindsey + Giorgia
12PEN1: The Penelopiad
& Photograph 51
TBDAvailable for RegistrationTBD
12TRA1: Tracks & Charlie’s CountryTBDAvailable for RegistrationBrian

Exam Revision: 15/09 – 31/10

To be updated.

Please let us know if the texts you are doing are not on this list, we are able to arrange a class for you even they are not listed.