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Our Founder & CEO

About Lindsey:

Our founder, Lindsey Dang, has accrued over 3 years of teaching and lecturing experience, and is renowned for her methodical and creative pedagogy. Lindsey has achieved academic prizes and placed herself in the top 1% of Literary Studies students at Monash University, and subsequently helped over 100 students receive a study score of 40 and above in the past 2 years. Having conducted thorough literary research into every single VCE text listed on the VCAA website, Lindsey is able to assist students with any written text, allowing students to form nuanced interpretation and high-level analysis of assigned works. Coming from a non-English speaking background, Lindsey has developed her knowledge from the ground up, and assisted non-native students and disadvantaged students score above 45 in English and EAL. Narrowing educational disparities is amongst our top priorities, and we will provide students with the most comprehensive experience during their VCE journey.

Executive Coaching - Program Results:

  • Dan Vy Vu (2020)- ATAR 99.90, Study Score 50
  • Sumedh Singh (2020) - ATAR 99.45, Study Score 48
  • Joanne C (2020) - Study Score 45
  • N Le, Lee Nguyen (2020) - Study Score 44
  • Over 100 students scored from 40-43 in VCE English & EAL

Availability for 2022 & 2023

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  • Graduated in 2018 with a raw study score of 47 in English (EAL)
  • A former VCE lecturer at Connect Education (presented at over 25 schools in Victoria)
  • Former Tutor and Content Creator at Lisa’s Study Guides (2019)
  • Received top marks (HD) in Literary Studies at Monash University, and my research essay on ‘The Flâneuse in Literature (Female Pedestrians)’ was awarded ‘Best ATS1904 Research Essay’ by my professor.