Rear Window | Relationships (Sample ideas and paragraphs)

Hitchcock’s 1950s romantic-thriller “Rear Window” offers a panoramic view of romantic attachment and its drawbacks. A critic also refers to him as a “connoisseur of the perverse,” alluding to how Hitchcock is able to render voyeurism ethically ambiguous, instead of harshly criticising the observation of other lives for pleasure.

This was one of the most commonly chosen text in last year’s exam, meaning that the assessors probably have read many good responses. There may be already an abundance of resources out there on the analysis of key scenes and filmic techniques, so this blog will not touch on that. Instead, we will bring ideas together and outline some of the key ideas you can use as your topic sentences, focusing on the theme of relationships.

AUTHORIAL INTENT (Sample topic sentences)

  • Promoting freedom and individual autonomy, Hitchcock undermines the importance of relationships and establishes the detriments of co-dependency.
  • The negative implications of marriage are portrayed through Jeff’s act of voyeurism as the interactions between his neighbours personify his fear of marital entrapment.
  • Hitchcock also acknowledges the difficulty of relationships through the incongruous differences between those already in a relationship.
  • Having explored the pervasive fear of commitment of the American society in the 1950s, Hitchcock establishes his critique on the consumerist attitude of certain characters and the ways in which it inhibits successful relationships. 
  • He also illustrates that being surrounded by a crowd does not protect one from loneliness, using this as a warning to paranoid citizens in this epoch of McCarthyism.
  • He also satirically highlights the irony of modern day living as the lack of engagement between the neighbours is thoroughly investigated and critiqued.
  • Illustrating the ubiquitous desire for love and emotional stability, Rear Window establishes the necessity of relationships during this era.
  • The importance of such connection is also epitomized through Hitchcock’s use of Jeff’s neighbours, establishing his appraisal of stable relationships.
  • Hitchcock establishes Jeff’s ambivalence towards relationships through his act of voyeurism and the events he observes.
  • Despite his portrayal of commitment seekers as somewhat desperate, he does support their desire for emotional stability and willingness to sacrifice to achieve that goal.
  • Hitchcock also exemplifies the importance of relationship through his depiction of the ways in which it provides individuals with a sense of purpose, which is a universal and intrinsic desire.
  • Rear Window also underscores that it is imperative to find a suitable partner as the right companion can help people overcome the feeling of entrapment.

Essay prompts:

Now, try to outline three arguments for each of the following prompts:

  • Hitchcock presents a cynical view of relationships. To what extent is this true in Rear Window?
  • Relationships provide individuals with a sense of fulfilment and purpose, but may be suffocating for some. Discuss.
  • How does Hitchcock explore the importance of relationships?
  • It is better to be alone than to be with the wrong partner. Discuss.

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And here is a random introduction that I wrote last year, it is not perfect, so read with caution!

‘Through solving the murder mystery, Jeff also resolves some of his concerns about relationships.’ Discuss.

Alfred Hitch’s romantic-thriller “Rear Window” explores the complexities of human relationships, presenting both the reluctance to enter relationships and the intrinsic desire for emotional stability of characters. Through his adherence to the art of pure cinema, the director illustrates the ways in which the protagonist resolves his concerns about the relationships by involving himself in a murder investigation. In particular, his observation of his neighbours, and by extension, the investigation enables him to locate his subconscious fears and establishes his ambivalence towards relationship. Additionally, his journey to exert justice allows him to look past the façade of his perfect wife and realise the potential positive aspects that emerge from relationships. However, his concerns are only resolved to a limited extent as his observation of others in a way aggravates his relationship issues, leaving him estranged in his own relationship while simultaneously solidifying his fear of marital entrapment.

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