Language Analysis| Weekly Practice for Lazy VCE Students

Are you really a student if you love grinding on essays? I personally didn’t. I tried doing a bit of writing once in a while, but sometimes things were a little hectic. I was there. I wish I knew this earlier but it was early enough to get my students going. Donald Trump tweets are blessings for Lazy VCE Students. Legit! Procrastinating by reading my blog? Try analysing the following Tweets with me!

Full worksheet + More Tweets to Analyse

First one. Do this yourself first then compare them with mine!

  • Capitalised ‘NOTHING’ – emphasis on their inertia/ inactions. This allows Trump to criticise them for being irresponsible, etc
  • Air quotes ‘speak’, ‘brilliantly’ – sarcasm eek
  • Contrast/ Juxtaposition between “strong dollar” and “weak fed” – the disparity/ incongruity between the two implies that the Fed is not fit to be a part of and take care of such a powerful country with a strong economy
  • ‘will do great…’ – doesn’t sound to confident does it?

Same thing! Take notes and annotate this first!

  • ‘Russia, Russia, Russia’ – this rule of 3 creates the impression that it’s the only thing the audience ‘heard about.’ Coupling this with his sarcastic tone, this sorta decreases the effects of naysayers’ accusations because this almost sounds too boring and neutral – definitely wears off
  • ‘Witch Hunt Hoax’ – Allusion + Analogy – he alludes to the Witch Hunt to associate the accusation that he is working with Russia with unfounded and hysterical allegations. Pretty effective.
  • Short sentences with short words: “I had nothing to do” “I was a crime that didn’t exist’ create a firm and resolute statement which helps reassure the audience that he is innocent
  • ‘Fake News Media’ – bit mean – probably right though. He discredits the allegations against him and precludes everyone from believing them!

Found any other cool techniques in these tweets? Let me know by sending me an email!  

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